Oneida-Herkimer Home Composter & Rain Barrel Sale!

In an effort to increase backyard composting, conserve water usage and improve municipal storm water runoff, the Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority is accepting orders for compost bins and rain barrels until May 11th ONLY, so order yours today!

Why Compost?

Organic waste comprises 30 percent of the household trash going into landfills and incinerators, where it has no chance to decompose and offers very little BTU value. Homeowners who compost not only extend the life of our landfills and reduce the cost of collecting household garbage, but also recycle the nutrients in organic waste to create a valuable soil amendment for their gardens. Want to learn more? Check out this cool video:

Why Use a Rain Barrel?

Most of the time, the Oneida County Sanitary Sewer System works efficiently. However, when we get heavy rainfalls or snow melts, storm water enters the system and causes sewage overflow into the Mohawk River.

Calculations show that a roof of 1,000 square feet in size can produce more than 600 gallons of storm runoff for every 1-inch of rain. Disconnect your roof leader or downspout and capture that water with a rain barrel. With the water from your rain barrel, you can water gardens, lawns, and hanging plants; wash cars; and more.

For more information on rain barrels or Operation Ripple Effect, an Oneida County initiative that offers simple steps to help keep the Mohawk River clean, visit


The pick-up date for compost bins and rain barrels will be Saturday, April 20th from 8 AM - 2 PM (rain or shine) at the Oneida-Herkimer Recycling Center, 80 Leland Avenue Ext., Utica, NY 13502. Only those who pre-order bins online will be able to pick one up.

Oneida-Herkimer Recycling Center, 80 LelandAvenue Ext., Utica, NY 13502

Store Hours

Saturday April 20th

8:00 AM — 2:00 PM